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    "Remember the days of old; consider the generations long past. Ask your father and he will tell you, your elders, and they will explain to you." Deuteronomy 32:7    

1834 - Our Church began as a mission of First Methodist Episcopal Church of East as a community outreach program to serve rural South Easton.

1846 - A frame building was erected on Reynolds Street, South Easton.

1853 - We were established as an independent charge with 74 members & our name became Second Methodist Episcopal Church.

1860 - A Brick edifice was built to hold services.

1917-1918 - The site for the church building we use today was purchased.

1920 - Plans were made for the construction of our current building.

1922 - The foundation at Seitz & Berwick Sts. was laid & a roof was placed over a small room at one end of the structure to hold services.

1924 - The cornerstone was laid on Sept. 28th.

1926 - Building was dedicated on Oct. 17th., even though 1/2 of the main room was left unfinished due to finanial problems due to the war & the Great Depression.

1939 - Second Methodist Episcopal Church becam Second Methodist Church as a result of a merger between the Methodist Episcopal Church, The Methodist Church South, & The Methodist Protestant Church.

1953 - Mortgage symbolically burned at church's 100th celebration.

1968 - In April Christ Evangelical United Brethren Church & Second United Methodist Church became Christ United Methodist Church due to a General Conference in TX joining both demoninations together.

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1970 - Locally Second United Methodist Church & Christ United Methodist church merged to be known as Christ United Methodist Church. 1st joint service was held on June 21st at our current location.2001 - Sadly our sister church in Glendon closed its doors, and because of this unfortunate event, we have been blessed with new members from Glendon.

Presently we com together & worship at the building on the corner of Seitz & Berwick Streets in Easton. This church has gone through many changes & mergers to become the church we are today. Throughout our metamorphosis, one thing remains the same. We come together in fellowship to worship our Lord Jesus Christ.




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