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          "He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation." Mark 16:15  

Val Haring  

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Using a computer to access Christian resources & information on the Internet is a wonderful way to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ!

But there are many bad and nasty things to take over & make your PC sick. The easiest way to keep a PC safe is to buy an Apple MacIntosh computer.

But if you want to use a Windows machine - please take the time and read my tips below.


Val Haring, Church Webmaster. I thank God for the opportunity to use my computer skills to glorify Him!  

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Tip 1: The most important thing you need to do is to keep your computer safe when you are connected to the Internet. There are so many ways someone can use your computer from stealing your identity, using your email address to send nasty viruses or to just steal your bandwith connection, just to name a few. You need to maintain and update your computer system just as you need to take your car for checkups and oil changes. Use my checklist by clicking on this link - Computer Checklist.


Tip 2: The next important thing to understand that knowledge is power. You can use your computer for so many different things - that it would be almost impossible for me to know it all or to fit everything on one page for you. However - there is an excellent website that provides a starting base for you. Click on this link to see what I mean -


Tip 3: There are many free things on the Internet, however there may be a catch involved. There are many programmers who want just to write good free programs and provide an alternate option to us. Check out the open source website for more info - click on this link -


Tip 4: Google is one of the fastest developers of free online tools. One of these options is a free online email account with an automatic spam filter. Also instead of using folders to store your emails, you can use a key word or a "tag" to save and organize your emails. You can use more than one "tag" and attach it to the same email, so you don't have to remember which folder you put your emails. You are also given quite a large amount of storage space to store these emails. Click on this to sign up for a free account today. - Gmail.


Tip 5: When you use the Internet and find a website that you would like to visit again, you can bookmark or save it to favorites, depending on how you connect to the Internet. However this only saves it on the computer you are using at the time. What if you were at work or the library or a friend's house and you wanted to go to one of those websites? Instead of using bookmarks or favorites, you can actually do this online at this free Google website. Click on this link to get started - Google Bookmarks.


Tip 6: You may have a digital camera. You can load and save all those wonderful pictures you took on your computer. But what if you wanted to share those pictures with friends and relatives? You can either invite everyone to your house or share them online for free. Click on this link to get started - Google Photos.

Tip 7: If you have anything you would like to buy or sell - Ebay can help you out. They have lots of information on how to use their site. I suggest you print out all the information and put it in a notebook for future use. Click on this link to get started - Ebay.


Tip 8: With all of these things that you are going to be doing with your computer, you won't have time to read the newspaper. So what do you do? Do what I did - sign up for a free online service where you can subscribe to free RSS feeds from different websites. This is a summary update of headlines on any subject you want whether it would be news, sports, or shoppping deals. Click on this link to get started - bloglines.


      Now the trick is my personal invitation to come and talk about computers with me this Sunday! I will be happy try and answer your questions at that time.  


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